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What Are the Best Techniques To Enhance Your Appetite?

Loss of appetite happens when you have no desire to eat even you haven’t had your meal for quite a time. Loss of appetite can lead you to the malnourish body which can cause the weight loss and other problems.

Not having the desire to eat anything can be very frustrating and annoying sometimes.

The reason behind the low appetite can be multiple like mental or physical illnesses etc. This problem needs to be fixed immediately; otherwise, it could damage your body in many ways.

In this article, I am going to share some best suggestions with you that can enhance your appetite and you can gain healthy weight.

CBD Oil to enhance the appetite

Scientists believe that CBD oil works as a digestive aid which stimulates the receptors in the body related to hunger and the user able to maintain his daily food intake. According to National Cancer Institute, CBD oil is quite helpful for the cancer patients.

Because of the chemotherapy, cancer patients lose their appetite most of the time, so CBD oil helps them to enhance the desire. Using few drops of CBD oil can work amazingly for any person who has low appetite problem.


Exercise is beneficial for your body in every single scenario. If you have the low appetite, start doing exercises. You can begin with a light walk and then gradually switch to the advanced practices.

These activities will enhance your taste, and you can have a substantial meal right after the workout or exercise. Choose the healthy fats diet.

Avoid the strenuous exercises if you are trying to gain weight as it will balance the heavy meal you take the training.

Eat less Fiber

The fiber contained foods like fruits, vegetables, and beans should be avoided if you want to enhance your appetite because fiber foods have fewer calories and make you full soon. Eating low fiber food can make you hungry more and increase the intake of calories.

Don’t skip breakfast

The most important tip you need to increase the appetite is not to jump the meal. Skipping breakfast can prevent you from feeling hungry most of the day and ultimately it will limit your calories intake. So always have a healthy and substantial meal for lunch.

Limit beverages with meals

Taking beverages before or during the meals can make you full sooner. So avoid drinking too much water during or before the meals. Have your decent dinner first and go for tea, coffee or any cold drink.

Drink your calories

Chewing the food is hard when you are not feeling hungry. So to trick your stomach you can have high calories shakes or other energy drinks.

It would be somewhat easier to take the calories intake in the form of liquids. You can choose to have whole milk, yogurt, shakes or other rich protein drinks.

Avoid eating alone

Do not take your meals alone when you have the low appetite because it will make harder for you to swallow the food. Always have the company of people who are close to you like your friends or family.

Set the table with others, a pleasant conversation can distract you, and you will be able to eat more.

Also before eating, try to set the environment pleasant and comfortable. This will help you to enjoy your meal.


These tips can be beneficial for your condition. Try to practice all of these suggestions in your daily life, and you will surely get the desired results.

Please let us know which tip works best for you.



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