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How To Care For Newborn Baby Under 1 Month Old

According to Dr. Manjula Anagani – Gynaecologist in Hyderabad Explains, Care for a newborn baby under 1 month of age is the most difficult and confusing thing for mothers and especially for first-time mothers. Less than a month after birth, the mother is still very painful and tired but still has to breastfeed, take care of her baby, bathe and clean her every day. See if you are fine, are not you? Therefore, care for a newborn baby under 1 month old is not a simple task, full of difficulties. Please follow the instructions below to get through this phase smoothly!

Care For Newborn Baby

Breastfeeding Technique

From the moment of birth, you need to breastfeed as soon as possible so that your baby can get as much milk as possible. To breastfeed well and breastfeeding more mothers need to breastfeed properly, that is to properly tighten the joints, to prevent the baby just hold the nipple will cause her mother to crack the chicken neck, swelling pain.

The chin is inserted into the chest, the head back to the center of the chin and neck to form an angle of 140.

The baby’s mouth is wide open and deep in the Isola (Lobo much lower than the upper iso), the tongue forward and press on the lower gums.

Breastfeeding properly will not hurt the mother, do not feel uncomfortable when the baby is firmly attached.

Before and after breastfeeding, it is important to clean the head thoroughly using a warm soft towel and clean the nipple and breast, and use a few drops of breast milk to apply it in case of dryness.

For mothers who do not have enough milk or no breastmilk, they need to feed their milk. This will take more time in the two stages of milking and cleaning of the clean milk. The most important thing is that you need to make the formula exactly as directed, absolutely do not add water or make too much milk to get more nutrients – all these are harmful to children. The temperature of the milk should also be ensured, and no milk / hot/cold milk will affect the nutrient content.

When you have hunger, want to eat with some expression: wiggle, touch the lips to see your mouth open, crying … then you need to breastfeed immediately and should stop when she does not want to feed again or else she will be reflux.

Hold your Baby Properly

The little angel is weak so the mother must be careful when caring for a newborn baby. A mother should be hugged close to the heart, the support of the head, back, and buttocks. A mother should cuddle, cuddling, lying with the baby to create affection, the bond between you and baby. Stroking, cuddling, talking with the baby, singing, telling stories will stimulate the baby’s senses to grow, gradually he will understand what mother is saying, happy baby, laughing to see her mother.

When laying the baby, she noted that the bed should be flat and that the mattress should not be too soft to affect the bones of the baby, not pillows (preferably not pillows for newborns, or should only use several layers of underwear) head is enough.

She can learn how to diaper her baby to sleep, sleep and less startled because when wrapped in diapers, she will feel more like in her womb.

One thing to note is that many parents, grandparents, relatives or children, shaking, shaking too strong is absolutely not recommended. By doing so, babies with cerebral palsy may be left with a narrow, cerebral hemorrhage, and the gap between the skull and the brain is not filled. In addition, when carrying the mother also note the support of the head and neck baby because the baby is still “heavy head” – head weight accounted for 25% of the body, while the neck is very weak so very vulnerable.

Clean the Navel Properly

It is very important to care for infants less than 1-month-old. It usually takes a week or even a month before the umbilical cord to dry and begins to fall off, so the mother needs careful cleaning to prevent the infection, nail inflammation will be very dangerous. Mothers should note some points after nursing the baby umbilical cord:

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and dry (can be disinfected with alcohol 90 0  again).

Remove the umbilical cord and check for any abnormalities (strange odor, pus, swelling or bleeding).

Use dipped ice cold taped water to clean the umbilicus from the feet to the umbilicus, wipe the last umbilical cord surface (note the change of bandages after wiping through each location) and then dry with clean cotton.

Sterilize the area around the navel with alcohol 70 degrees, then open or rinse with thin gauze. Note that when the diaper avoids the baby’s umbilical region to not cause squash, hot easily lead to inflammation.

Check Baby’s Body Temperature Regularly

The environment in the baby’s womb has a very good development environment as the temperature is quite stable. When outside, the temperature, weather changes frequently when hot, when the mother often needs to check if she is too hot or cold. To check the mother touch the baby’s belly can see the baby is hot or cold.

When the baby out, need to wear a hat, cover the baby especially in the cold weather, but when the baby sleeps, the mother should remove the hat for children because of the newborn release large heat in the head, if the hat is easy. Hyperthermia and hyperthyroidism can cause SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

In addition, the baby’s clothing should be soft, airy, thin to be able to wear multiple layers when it is cold and should be easy to remove when it is hot.

These are the experiences we share to help mothers care for newborn baby 1 month old properly.

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