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Now It’s The Right Time To Plan And Write A Personal Directive

Use a Health care personal directive to the name of somebody to make important decisions for you if you are not able due to disease or injury.

What is it? A personal directive is an authoritative statement that you write for your end-of-life healthcare in the case when you are unable to make personal decisions in the future on your own.  The document:

  • Write names of people or a person you’ve selected to follow up for your behalf as an agent or agents to make choices for you
  • Ensure your composed instruction are identified in case something occurs to you
  • is non-compulsory and compulsory
  • If you’re found to lack capacity

Kinds of instructions to write on Personal Directive – Your instructions can be about any or every single matter, such as;

  • where you’d like to die or live at the end-of-life
  • who you will love to live with you
  • What type of medical treatments you would want or wouldn’t want
  • Who you wish to medical care
  • The decision about a different kind of personal activities; Education, employment, recreation.
  • any other legal & own decisions

Why you should write-

When it comes to writing a personal directive, you select who will’s identity your agents or agent. Keep in mind, and you can choose more than one agent. However, if you do not have a personal directive you can experience the following issues at the end-of-life;

  • You won’t have the right to select your agent if you are unable to decide for yourself
  • Special health care at home or hospital
  • Loved ones or family member may go to court to become your healthcare agent, but this process takes time and money.

When Personal Directive takes effect-

Your prefer person or agent take steps to make decisions for you if:

  • Something occurs, and it would seem that you’re not capabilities to make the right decisions for you
  • Your physical capacity assessment is done & confirm that you can no longer make the right decisions
  • If you mentally or physically improve, it is legally right to take back the power to make your own choices or decisions. However, this is only affirmed with a capacity assessment.

How to prepare a personal directive;

Step 1- Talk to your agent- There is required talk to people or person you want to make decisions for you:

  • Must agree to be your agents or agent
  • Know your agent or agents what your wishes and instructions are

Step 2- How to write your personal directive. There are two options to choose from:

  • Fill out the form
  • Use the form as a guide.

Step 3- Sign it – Keep in mind to include the proper signatures. You and your witness must sign your personal directive because it is a legal document.

Step 4. Give out copies- There is required to make copies of your personal directive and give them to:

  • your doctor
  • your agent or agents
  • any other key people

Register your personal directive-

You need to register your personal healthcare directive with the Government institute after that approved healthcare professionals can contact the OPGT to find out:

  • Have you a personal directive or not
  • how will to contact your agent or agents when required

The registry: There are two ways to register a personal directive.

  • Online –Go to a Personal Directive Registry page to create an online account.
  • By mail – Download the registration form and Submit the form Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

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